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FAQ - Centre Based Learning

Where are tuition classes held? 

Classes are held at our tuition centres in Leamington Spa or Coventry. 


What equipment do learners need to bring to the sessions? 

There is no requirement for learners to bring any equipment. We have a range of resources at each centre, including: pens, pencils, paper, geometry equipment and calculators. 

The calculators that we use and recommend are the Casio fx-83GTplus, fx-85GTplus, fx-83GT X and fx-85GT X. If a learner uses a different calculator we suggest that they bring their own calculator to the sessions as we feel that it is very important for learners to be comfortable and confident when using their calculator. 


What is the payment method? 

Lessons are paid for a month in advance by: cash, cheque or bank transfer. 


What happens if a learner cannot attend? 

Each learner is given a weekly time slot and regular attendance at our centre is encouraged in order for them to make good progress. We do appreciate that attendance may not always be possible due to illness or other events. Provided we are given at least 24 hours notice, we will arrange a free catch up session at the earliest opportunity. 


What happens if the tutor cannot attend? 

All of our tutors are fully qualified teachers and will occasionally have to attend school events which may clash with a tutoring session. These are usually known in advance. 

If a tutor is unable to attend at short notice an alternative session will be offered to learners. 


Do the sessions run during the school holidays? 

Generally speaking, we do not run sessions during the school holidays as we feel that learners often benefit from a break. 

We do, however, find that GCSE learners often like to keep the momentum going, particularly if they have a Mock Exam or a GCSE Exam shortly after a holiday. In these case we always put on a series of sessions to support them. 

Also, if other learners feel that they would benefit from sessions during the holiday we will similarly put on some sessions to support them. 


What ages do you teach? 

The majority of learners we teach are between 10 and 16 years old. 

We do however give tuition to older learners wishing to retake their GCSE’s. 

We also offer bespoke training for people who may need to brush up on their Maths to prepare for an interview such as nursing etc. 

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