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Evening Tuition Sessions - Coventry Centre - September 2022

Evening Maths, English and Science Sessions - September 2022

GroundMark Learning offer a range of Maths, English and Science tuition with fully qualified and experienced teachers at our fully equipped Coventry based Learning Centre on 7 Copperfield Road, Coventry, CV2 4AQ.

We provide tuition in small groups which better enables our learners to learn,

and also helps to keep the cost lower for you.

We often find that it is useful to have a quick chat about a student’s needs so if you leave a telephone number via the contact methods below and we will get back to you.

Past and present students, and parents of students have made the following comments about GroundMark Learning:

Parent: "The support and encouragement shown to our daughter is consistently outstanding. The patience, humour and positivity used has improved her confidence and self-belief. Nothing is ever too much trouble and we couldn't wish for any more from a tutor who genuinely wants the best for every one of the pupils, whatever stage or ability they are at. Thank you for believing in our daughter and going above and beyond to her help her learn and show her best."

Parent: "My son has only been working with Ian for a few weeks, but his confidence has already increased. Ian is friendly and reassuring in his manner, offering appropriate support, whilst developing independent learning. His positive energy and encouraging conversation creates the perfect atmosphere for an engaging learning experience"

Parent: "Thank you, Ian, for your maths tutoring. My Son is gaining knowledge and growing in confidence as a result of your sessions."

Student: "I struggle with Maths at school – but Ian explains things in a way I understand them.  When we were learning trigonometry at school the teacher was surprised when I understood it – but that was only because I had already covered the subject with Ian!”

Parent: "my daughter came home one day last week and said ‘Ian must be helping because I got a 4A!’ ... (I know it doesn’t sound like high praise but it really was!) she was really pleased that that was an improvement .... hopefully she’ll keep shifting up!"

Student: "Ian has helped me get a new perspective on maths where I enjoy it now. He is honestly the best teacher I have ever had"

Parent: "Ian had done a great job in boosting my daughter’s confidence with maths and helping to fill in the gaps in her knowledge where she had missed things through moving schools. He is a great teacher!"

For more information and to discuss tuition options and bookings, please contact us on:


Phone: 01926 935635

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