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Exciting New Offer - The Project Qualification

GroundMark Learning are pleased to announce that we now offer

the Edexcel Project Qualification in partnership with Tutors and Exams

The Project Qualification is recognised and recommended by

universities, schools, colleges for the valuable skills it provides.

It will fit flexibly into the school and home learning curriculum and can

be taken at KS3, and alongside GCSEs, A Levels and other


The Project Qualification helps students of all abilities and interests to acquire independent learning skills. Learners can use these new skills in their existing study as well as to prepare for higher education and working life.

The Project Qualification gives learners the opportunity to:

  • learn more about an area that interests them

  • research a subject that might not be available through other qualifications

  • develop independent research and project management skills

  • develop skills at Level 2 that will help with sixth form or college

  • at Level 3, enhance these skills and achieve additional UCAS points

  • learn skills that will help in higher education or the workplace

  • develop future employability skills.

The Project allows students to carry out research on a topic that they have chosen and are interested in. Students can choose their own topic and research and develop it independently, with the support and guidance of a supervisor. They then produce a Written Report, which will vary in length as shown below.

We offer the Project at 2 Levels:

For further information, click here

If this is of interest or you would like to register for The Project , please contact us on:


Telephone: 01926 935635 (if line is busy, please leave a message)

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