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Home Educators


Learning’s involvement with Home Educators started over 5 years ago when we were contacted by some Home-Educating parents to help support them with teaching Mathematics to a small group made up of their own children. 

The group was an instant success and we have since worked closely with the parents to ensure that the support, teaching and resources have continually evolved to meet their children’s learning and social needs. 

Following the success of the initial group we have been invited to work with other groups and now deliver Mathematics and English to a number of groups comprised of children from across Coventry and Warwickshire with ages ranging from 9 to 15. 

The maximum number within a group is six and we take great care in ensuring that the group structure is right for the children and parents. We offer free taster sessions to anyone interested in joining a group (we will always consult with existing group members if someone is interested in joining their group). 

The sessions are delivered at our Leamington  or Coventry centre and run for either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. 

to find out more about the sessions we offer to home educators, please click the link below

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