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Math Formulas and a Calculator


Using a Casio GTX Scientific Calculator


Whichever Exam Board or Specification students choose for their GCSE Mathematics, they will sit at least one Calculator Paper and, in most cases, will sit two Calculator Papers.

For this reason, we at GroundMark Learning want to ensure that students are fully aware of what their calculator can do and are able to make full advantage of its use in a Calculator Paper.

Too many students lose easy marks on a Calculator Paper, simply because they take it for granted that they will be able to use their calculator and are therefore ill-prepared.

For this reason, we have developed a short course to ensure that students avoid missing out on what are usually simple marks.

We have based the short course on the Casio fx-83GTX and fx-85GTX, as this is the most popular calculator among our students.

The short course includes numerous Tutorial Video clips, which show how to use the Casio GTX for a number of Mathematics topics. This is further supported by short tests to test and consolidate students’ understanding of using the calculator.


We have priced the course at £29.99, which we feel compares favourably to the cost of a tutoring session and will save students from losing unnecessary and sometimes costly marks.


For further information or to book a course,  click here to contact us .


Reviews - Student FN

"The videos were so easy to follow, I didn’t realise how little I used on my calculator beforehand, now I’m aware of how handy it is (this is going to really help in my examinations).

At first I didn’t think I needed to watch some of the videos such as the fractions one as I already felt I was confident with fractions on my calculator but I learnt so much I was unaware of!

The videos teach both how to use a calculator and maths in general which is always a plus. They’re such a great resource and pairing them with the questions is really constructive for students- the more questions I did the more familiar I became with my calculator which meant less hassle trying to look for the buttons.

Highlighting the buttons that are going to be used on the calculator in the video is really helpful, writing out the information provided in the question as well as steps to get the answer (even if it may seem like common sense) is also helpful, I think that this is done really well."

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