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Functional Skills English - Intensive Course: About



Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 2 



At GroundMark Learning we fully appreciate how difficult it can be to attend regular classes over a long period. With this in mind, we have developed a fully supported Online Distance Learning course to enable students to access high quality material and support, with the flexibility to fit in with their own lifestyle and commitments. 

The course is hosted on GroundMark Learning’s Moodle platform and follows the structure of the CGP Functional Skills English Edexcel Level 2 Study & Test Practice Workbook. This is supplemented by numerous specifically developed GroundMark Learning Video Clips to further explain topics. 

For extra practice we have included hundreds of practice questions (with answers) to check and consolidate your understanding of subject knowledge. We have also included a large number of Specimen and Past Exam Papers and the fee for the course includes the marking and feedback of the Edexcel Specimen Papers. 

All students are supported throughout the course by a dedicated tutor. 


Course Structure 

On our Moodle platform, the course is comprised of 96 sections as follows: 

  • 1. Index 

  • 2. Introduction and User Guide 

  • 3. CGP Section 1: Reading 

  • 4. CGP Section 2: Writing 

  • 5. Specimen and Past Papers 

  • 6. Exam Tips for the Speaking, Listening and Communicating Test 

The sections shown in bold above have been written to be used in conjunction with the CGP Functional Skills English Edexcel Level 2 Study & Test Practice Workbook and its two Sections: 

  • CGP Section 1 - Reading 

  • CGP Section 2 - Writing 

We have supplemented these sections with numerous GroundMark Learning Video Clips. 


The Examination 

Reading: 60 minutes to read three texts and answer 13 comprehension questions for a total of 30 Marks. The texts will be previously unseen material and could come from a variety of purposes, all of which you will become familiar over the duration of the course. The questions have a mix of multiple-choice questions as well as small written answers. You are allowed a dictionary in this exam.  


Writing:  60 minuets to complete two tasks. 

Task 1: has 25 marks available. 

Task 2: has 25 marks available.  

There are marks for spelling punctuation and grammar in both texts. Both will require you to be able to write for a variety of purposes and audiences all of which you will be taught to do in this course.  


Speaking and listening: Speaking, Listening and Communicating is assessed through one 5-minute presentation and linked question and answer session in groups of three to four. (Up to 25 minutes in total.)  


one 15-minute formal discussion together in groups of three to five learners.  


Purchasing the Course 

Your purchase of the course includes: 

  • Six months access to GroundMark Learning’s online platform containing: 

  • Specifically developed video tutorials with worked examples 

  • Additional questions to check and consolidate your understanding of subject knowledge 

  • Advice on exam technique 

  • Specimen and past papers and mark schemes. 

  • Support throughout the course via a dedicated tutor who will be assigned to you when you enrol and will be available to support you as you progress through the course. 

  • The submission of the Edexcel Specimen Papers for marking and feedback by your dedicated tutor. 


Before commencing the course, you will need to purchase: 


Example Material 

The link below will take you to the Moodle login page for GroundMark Learning. 

You will need to enter the following login details: 

Username: engview 

Password: engview 




Sitting the Exam 

Please note that the fee for the course does not include the Examination fee 

At GroundMark Learning we work in partnership with Tutors and Exams  (  for the assessment of all of our courses. We have always found them to be helpful, efficient and professional and have been given the same feedback by all of our candidates. 

Candidates choosing to sit the exam through Tutors and Exams ( )  will need to contact them to arrange to sit the exam at one of their Exam Centres. 

Please note that candidates can, however, make arrangements to sit the examination with an exam centre of their own choosing. 

Course Fee - £225

Please note that at GroundMark Learning we fully appreciate the roles played by those people serving in the Armed Forces and Care Sectors. 

If you can provide evidence of meeting the criteria below, we will give a discount of 20% on the fee for the course., making the Concessionary Fee £180.* 

Bronze banner.jpg

*Requirement for discount: Proof of current/past military service or close membership of a military family. 

Picture 2.png

*Requirement for discount: Proof of requiring Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 to qualify for entry onto a course in the Health and Social Care sector. 

For further information or to purchase the course please email: 

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