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FAQ – Functional Skills Distance Learning 


How is the course structured? 

The course is hosted on GroundMark Learning’s Moodle platform and follows the structure of the CGP Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Study & Test Practice Workbook. This is supplemented by over 125 specifically developed GroundMark Learning Video Clips to further explain topics. 

For extra practice we have included hundreds of practice questions (with answers) to check and consolidate your understanding of subject knowledge. We have also included a large number of Specimen and Past Exam Papers and the fee for the course includes the marking and feedback of the Edexcel Specimen Paper. 

What is Moodle? 

Moodle is a password protected site where resources can be uploaded by the GroundMark Learning team. Each student is given an individual login and password to allow them access to Moodle. They can then access resources as they require. 


How will I be supported during the course? 

​All students are supported throughout the course by a dedicated tutor. 


What does the fee include? 

The fee includes: 

  • A year’s access to GroundMark Learning’s online platform containing: 

  • A Pre-Course Subject Knowledge Test 

  • A dedicated section on using a Scientific Calculator 

  • Specifically developed video tutorials with worked examples (with and without the use of a Scientific Calculator) 

  • Additional questions to check and consolidate your understanding of subject knowledge 

  • Advice on exam technique 

  • Specimen and past papers and mark schemes. 

  • Support throughout the course via a dedicated tutor who will be assigned to you when you enrol and will be available to support you as you progress through the course. 

  • The submission of the Edexcel Specimen Paper for marking and feedback by your dedicated tutor. 



What else will I need to purchase? 


Before commencing the course, you will need to purchase: 


What is the payment method? 

The fee is paid in advance by: cash, cheque or bank transfer. 


Where do I sit the exam? 


At GroundMark Learning we work in partnership with Tutors and Exams for the assessment of all of our courses. We have always found them to be helpful, efficient and professional and have been given the same feedback by all of our candidates. 

Candidates choosing to sit the exam through Tutors and Exams  will need to contact them to arrange to sit the exam at one of their Exam Centres. 

Please note that candidates can, however, make arrangements to sit the examination with an exam centre of their own choosing. 

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