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FAQ – Online Tuition 


How are classes delivered? 

Classes are delivered via Zoom and supported by resources from GroundMark Learning’s Moodle learning platform. 


What is Moodle? 

Moodle is a password protected site where resources such as worksheets can be uploaded by the GroundMark Learning team. Each student is given an individual login and password to allow them access to Moodle. They can then access resources during and after each session. 


What equipment do learners need to bring to the sessions? 

For each session, students will need a pen, pencil, paper, geometry equipment and a scientific calculator. 

The calculators that we use and recommend are the Casio fx-83GTplus, fx-85GTplus, fx-83GT X and fx-85GT X. 


What is the payment method? 

Lessons are paid for a month in advance by: cash, cheque or bank transfer. 


Do the sessions run during the school holidays? 

Generally speaking, we do not run sessions during the school holidays as we feel that learners often benefit from a break. 

We do, however, find that GCSE learners often like to keep the momentum going, particularly if they have a Mock Exam or a GCSE Exam shortly after a holiday. In these cases we always put on a series of sessions to support them. 

Also, if other learners feel that they would benefit from sessions during the holiday we will similarly put on some sessions to support them. 


What ages do you teach? 

The majority of learners we teach are between 10 and 16 years old. 

We do however give tuition to older learners wishing to retake their GCSE’s. 

We also offer bespoke training for people who may need to brush up on their Maths to prepare for an interview such as nursing etc. 

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